Statement by Anna Invictus Concerning Set the World on Fire

My warmest greeting to the audience. Some of you might know me, but probably most reading this won’t, because in the years of my love for Augustus, I’ve been quiet, private, and without much of an opinion toward the public view of our family. I am Anna Invictus. Some might wonder who is this deranged person that would take on a name so bold by choice? She is either crazy or coerced by this man. Well, no, I’m not. I am a sane, plain, smart, loving, and a tolerant individual. The thing I care most about in the world is that my family is wholesome and happy. I work exceptionally hard for it. Being that I am a private person, I do have a bit of reserve about this book being published sharing the details of the very dramatic past few years of our life together. 

Because my husband is so filled with bloodlust, you probably won’t hear about the sweet things we have shared together that make me unwaveringly devoted to him. And I’m certain you all signed up to read about violence, drugs, and whores. Well, you’ll get that . . . as did I during the campaigns. But I wanted everyone to know that the true experience was quiet a bit inflated by the media. Yes, it was thrilling, but my husband is not quite the monster one would read about on the Internet. I think we can definitely attribute a lot of that to people with opposing political views as well as some scorned women whom he involved himself with that all angrily banned together to try to slander him and make our family look like trash. It is my understanding that the most of women were just upset to find out that he would not give them the love they probably desired, so they became hurt. I don’t know them all personally, nor have I ever talked to them, but they all know each other.

The one woman I do know very well was the one I left him over when I was pregnant with Cesare, Victoria [SURNAME REDACTED]. I’m sure if you have heard or read the stories or seen her public Instagram or web cam pornos, you can see she is very sexy and scandalous, a woman of loose morals and practically a goddess of the flesh. I saw her for someone else. I wanted to take her in because her parents kicked her out. I wanted to help her get off drugs because she was too beautiful to waste such a pretty young body. I wanted to expose her to the huge love my family could give her and heal her.

But I was fast to realize she had a lying problem and she really wasn’t getting clean. She would stay out all night and come home banging on our window to be let in, and I started to see what a terrible experience this was becoming for the kids. She came home beaten and crying from her drug dealer one night, and that was when I asked her to go away for good, to leave my family alone because it wasn’t going to work if she kept up with her lifestyle. I had given her many chances to be a better person and I set a good example for her but she was too selfish to stop loving my husband and go away so it angered me. I loved her at one point but I wanted to preserve the pureness of my family more so. I told him to choose over me leaving or her staying, and he said it was too late, we already committed to her and she was staying, so I disappeared.

They became engaged briefly. I prayed like a monk for my family to be together. A few months later, my family was together again and she exposed herself to the world for who she has truly chosen to be, and we never heard from her again. Not without a hassle. Because of her lies combined with the media’s (mostly Huffington Post and SPLC) efforts to make my husband look criminal, my own babysitter ended up calling the police to tell them she thought my husband was holding myself and the kids hostage, all because a story about him kidnapping Victoria and holding a gun to her mouth was released earlier that week. Pretty amazing considering he had been in my home in a different state for months when that story was given to the media. The sheriff followed us home from after work, questioned us, detained him to make sure he wasn’t wanted by the FBI, and asked me if I was being held against my will. It caused quite a mess in my small rural town I had escaped to in order to start over with the family. But I don’t talk much so imagination tends to take hold of people. 

Then there was Charlottesville. As if sacrificing a goat wasn’t enough to make Libertarians un-bored, becoming a “racist Nazi” really got some people worked up, and we found ourselves explaining to the FBI that we are not running a white supremacy training camp in the woods, we just have a lot of children and we want to get away from the world for a while. Nonetheless, the landlord was scared of the things he googled about my husband on the Internet, so we were forced to move the week of Christmas. But the kids, like always, were resilient and happy, and so was I. 

With all of these people or enemies of my family hating my husband so deeply that they devoid themselves of moral values, none has been more of a threat to me personally than the SPLC. They have used their money and resources to effectively pull strings in all companies that he associates with in order to try to avoid the truth behind the stories they publish from getting out. The SPLC so far has definitely spent many resources on making challenges for the family even to just eat a meal at times. But we love our Augustus and we would rather starve than see him taken down by traitors and filth seekers.

After all this. I am understanding that he is a public figure and he puts himself out there to be hated, so we have adapted to being stronger to sustain the pressure that comes with it. Ultimately, though the stories about him are unfair, it has made us closer. It has also made him appreciate my loyalty and my ability to bear his name, and I make him proud. 

I have never spoken publicly about our personal life, even though I have been quoted as doing so by the media. It really doesn’t matter what people decide they want to think of my family. The campaigns attracted some of the most vile side of people I have ever witnessed, practically things Machiavelli himself wrote about. But I wouldn’t trade the experience. We as a family have all gained a bond so tight, I know we can do anything we put our hearts into.

But that’s not what you crave. You want dirt, so I will stay quiet now and let your scandalous minds do the imagining. It can be my secret that Augustus and I relatively live a pretty pure and magical life without much actual drama other than a bunch of teenage daughters, a homewrecker here and there, and some torch and pitchfork wielding journalists, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are raising some pretty amazing children to take serious charge of a country that needs restoration of its conservative values, and nothing will stand in our way. Personally, I’m glad the campaigns are over . . . but I know there is more to come. I hope you enjoy the book!