Scarcity Ethos: Sensible Economics, Cuckold Mindset

For most of us, it’s a rudimentary concept that resources are limited, and value is derived in-part from how scarce a resource is, however; maintaining a scarcity-driven mindset in life makes one risk-adverse, virulent, and conniving. This is the origin of most individuals’ perceived problems and the development of their loser mentality. So, the symptom of loser mentality is the inability to learn from your adversaries and personal shortcomings. The root cause of this disorder though is: imprudently encumbering ourselves with spurious scarcity.

For an example, we will again observe the white-knight male that endlessly orbits the women in his life hoping to one day gain their sexual favor; praying for the right opportunity to effectively exhibit his value to them. Inherently, our white-knight will never be able to demonstrate this for multiple reasons. One, the women already made up their mind and friend-zoned the guy long ago, and two, his fragile ego prevents him from coming to terms with what he could have done better in his pursuit of these women and thus improving. Foundationally though, there is another blunder being made by our knight: not pursuing other women because he is blinded by false scarcity. There are plenty of other fish, and he refuses to see this.

This same line of logic can be applied quite liberally to most issues with great accuracy. Those who remain in hazardous relationships do so only from abandoning the understanding that they can find someone else if they really tried. The same thing applies for those holding dead-end jobs, maintaining grudges, and those that feel the need to virtue-signal, etc. This may be the biggest sticking point for people coming out as someone right-of-center as well: social and economic backlash…although leftists are intrinsically Judases who will turn on you when most opportune anyways. All of these issues revolve around the inability to accept losses, cut them, and move on. Truly, they revolve around the inability to see the forest for the trees.

Not only does this self-imposed sense of scarcity prevent people from moving forward and pursuing new avenues of fulfillment, it raises the stakes for the sufferer and consequently makes them more malignant. Logically speaking, you’re going to fight harder and pay more for what you perceive to be as rare. This is the sickness that gives birth to mild improprieties such as dating within the workplace or circles of friends, a.k.a. defecating where you eat, as well as extreme obscenities like date rape. Rapists are not forged by a natural inundation of women–at least they aren’t outside the confines of real rape cultures like Sharia Law. Moreover, show me someone that avoids habitually copulating with coworkers and their buddies’ leftovers, and I’ll show you someone who lives virtually drama-free.

There is an easy solution to this plight–the obvious antithesis: adopting an abundance-mindset and outcome independence. This doesn’t mean living lavishly and without want but being able to shrug off losses and blissfully seek future possible gains. Competent salesman live this reality. A large part of their success is derived from their tenacity in the face of rejection. So, men, if you want women to compete for your attention, compose yourself such that your outlook is independent of this or that one’s favor–there will always be another. Relinquish fear of being socially ostracized. Friends will come and go; jobs and opportunities just so. This is the natural order.

Not only is this the natural way of things, but if you cannot relinquish your imaginary need for another’s approval, it will inevitably escape you. Women will smell your desperation, and it will appall them. Friends will pickup on your incongruous behavior, and their trust in you will waiver. Strangers will observe your forlorn interaction with others, assume you’re a pariah, and they will distance themselves from you. Leftists will scoff at your contrition, find you wanting in the virtue-signaling department, and then they will excommunicate you. If you fall victim to scarcity-driven desperation, you will cement your lack of achievement in business, social circles, romance, and all the spices of life.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” –Richard Bach

Arthur Jackman
is a Florida native well versed in health and fitness, social dynamics, and systems integration. He has studied business management and is planning on opening his own gym in the near future. Although he is fresh on the scene of political activism, Arthur has considered himself a conservative libertarian for his entire life. He strongly opposes feminism and leftist ideology while always remaining weary of big government. Arthur hopes to promote individual liberty, the family unit, and western culture.