Pro-Trump Advocates Intervene in ACLU Lawsuit Against the President

[Editor’s Note: Raquel Okyay, in care of Pro-Se America, filed intervenor motions at Federal Courts in Brooklyn and Virginia earlier this month.]

Founder of Pro-Se America files first pro-se intervenor motion in favor of Trump’s presidential orders, and in opposition to plaintiffs’ failure to protect American citizens first.

“Equal access and fairness for all in the courts is my goal,” said Janice Wolk Grenadier, founder and organizer of Virginia-based Pro-Se America, a non-profit group formed in 2014 to assist pro-se litigants defend their civil rights in court.

When the American Civil Liberties Union and others filed suit in late January against executive orders issued by President Donald J. Trump, she said she was engaged to act. The complaint alleges in part that the President’s executive orders violate the civil liberties of non-Americans and illegal immigrants.

Janice Wolk Grenadier

“Pro-Se America supports the civil rights of the American people first,” said Grenadier. “The ACLU picks and chooses cases based on their political agenda.” Trump is currently their main target, she said.

“The plaintiffs are a group of angry elitists who are desperate to keep control and terrified of losing their power in a Trump administration.”

There are hundreds of thousands of stories of injustice done to American citizens, she said. “The mainstream media, the government, elected officials and the judiciary are a group of self-policing people who have created a situation of protecting each other.”

Draining the swamp involves much more than ridding society of corrupt politicians, she said it involves fixing the judicial system, and holding all officials, including law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and government officials, accountable for their actions.

“Pro-Se America calls for immediate access to an impartial judicial system that operates under the rule of law.”

Grenadier said she was falsely detained for 22 days, including 13 days solitary confinement in the City of Alexandra, State of Virginia, to cover up the criminal acts of a state senator and divorce lawyer, Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman, her former mother-in-law. She said she saw thier underhanded tricks firsthand. “Bias, retaliation and retribution – to line the pockets of more lawyers – is the so-called justice I have received.”

After being released from jail in Oct. 2014, she said she started Pro-Se America to expose the criminally liable. “Officials used warfare torture to harass and intimidate me, with the hope that I would commit suicide or be killed.” Civil rights violations include malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and unconstitutional arrest, she said.

“The judge’s power over one’s life is huge and needs to be treated with respect,” said Grenadier. “Instead these judges decide people’s lives with little to do with the law and all to do with who buys them Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or a good weekend getaway.”

Pro-Se America has issued a call to action to the American people to join their efforts to support Trump in court, she said. “I am encouraging Americans to file pro se intervenor motions in support of the President’s executive orders.” She said she is hopeful it sends a direct message to the President.

“I believe our actions will open the eyes of President Trump to see the corruption,” she added. “I believe President Trump has good intentions for the American public good.”

A Trump administration may be the only administration unafraid to topple injustice in the court system, said Grenadier. “We are in a mini revolution of change. We are getting back to our constitutional principles of freedom and justice for all.”

These are the documents filed by Janice Wolk Grenadier:

—Intervene in New York City to the Darweesh et al v.  Donald J. Trump et al

—Intervene in Alexandria Virginia   AZIZ  et al v. Donald J. Trump

—Hearing Notice AZIZ

—Hearing Notice and Intervene in Alexandria Virginia Sarsour  et al v. Donald J. Trump

These are the documents filed by Raquel Okyay:

—Intervene in New York City to the Darweesh et al  v.  Donald J. Trump et al

—Intervene in Alexandria Virginia   AZIZ  et al v. Donald J. Trump

—Intervene in Alexandria Virginia Sarsour  et al v. Donald J. Trump

Raquel Okyay