On Benevolent Despotism: Theory & Conflict

The idea of a benevolent and all encompassing leader has been written in works throughout the ages, and although, in today’s dogma of the far right, political leadership is something of a taboo, it has extreme merit for consideration when the eventual fall of western civilization occurs.

Having the basis for a powerful despot, one may say the need for a constitution to keep them in check is a must-have but as most of us know, the Constitution of the United States is horribly written, given the fact that ultimate freedom will create the opportunity for its removal. The biggest example would be “democratically” electing officials, politicians, mayors etc to sit behind closed and guarded bureaucrat doors and find constitutional loopholes to further stray from the light of the constitution. A system that gives people the power to practically do anything and limit any say from the federal government, even ideas of bastardizing it even further, is a deathwish. Self-governance and complete freedom are very different things. One need be autonomous and self governing, but understand the very idea of being a cog in the machine. That is what separates the far right from the left, who values extreme individualism and the complete change of society based on every individual’s needs (an impossible endeavor). The equality that a benevolent despot should give is not one of opportunity or whatnot, but equality in nothingness, in that, everyone is equal to what they achieve out of nothingness.

Along with basic theories of how a benevolent despotism would function, the despot should ensure that his military is a force to be reckoned with. In times of war, the sole duty of the military under the despot need be to overwhelm his enemy. This does not mean recklessness, but rather, exceeding any damage done to the nation by the enemy thricefold. There is no wrong in protection of one’s nation in wartime. Along with foreign wars, comes the domesticated threats rising from terror groups like Antifa. With groups like these, with no solution except anarchy and a destruction to all values and property, there shall be no freedom of expression or speech, but rather, a swift removal and a firm repression of similar ideas from occurring. The value of freedom of speech may not be hindered otherwise, unless the case is of complete destruction of the order of the system.

Nathan Guerrette
Nathan Guerrette is an author, musician, political activist, survivalist, aspiring brewmaster and offgrid enthusiast. He is the founder of the yet-to-be-released homesteading podcast. Lygonian Pinehouses. Aside from political theory and activism, Aesop devotes time to his musical endeavors and world-building in his dark fantasy/cosmic horror legendarium, A Lonely Pilgrim.