Okyay Endorses Linda Walker for Reelection to NRA Board of Directors

In Ohio and nationwide, Linda Walker leads the charge of women being the fastest growing NRA members to date.

“Bringing more women into the-fold has been my greatest accomplishment,” said Linda Walker, central Ohio chair of Buckeye Firearms Association. Buckeye is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms.

“I realized early on that as a woman involved in the Second Amendment, I have a huge voice,” said Walker, who was first elected to the National Rights Association board in 2011 and reelected in 2014. “I figured out that if you bring the wife/mother into the Second Amendment, you will capture the entire family.”

Since becoming a board member, Walker spearheaded “Woman’s Energy Breakfast” to encourage women attending annual NRA meetings to become more involved. “The ladies attending the meetings with their husband or boyfriend, didn’t really know what the NRA is all about, and wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be there, yet she came anyway.” One objective is to show other females, there is a female side to the NRA, said Walker.

“We have female board members, female staff, that this isn’t just about a man’s club anymore,” said the Trump Second Amendment Coalition member. “By golly the women are here!” The breakfast becomes larger each year, she continued. “They walk in, they look around and see it’s 100 percent women and they smile.”

The deadline for by mail voting members is April 9. A voting member has been an annual member for five years or more, without interruption, or a fully paid life member, or higher.

“Linda is a strong advocate for gun rights, in front and behind the scenes,” said Sean Maloney, Buckeye Legislative Director and certified NRA instructor. “She is a person who has never stopped fighting since I know her.”

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, he said he joined forces with Walker, the NRA and Buckeye to create Faster Saves Lives organization to train teachers, administrators, janitors, sheriffs, and first responders combat shooting and other self-defense techniques. “Faster Saves Lives is in 180 school districts across the country.”

Maloney, who is a current candidate for NRA board of directors as well, said, “The fastest growing members to the NRA is women; Linda has made great strides in these efforts.” She is on the ground fighting for our rights at every turn, he continued. “Linda is known for holding the state legislature accountable, and as a real estate agent herself, trains other agents who are oftentimes left alone, and vulnerable.”

Years ago, before becoming involved, Walker said she did not understand exactly what the Second Amendment to the US Constitution meant. “When I figured out that the Second Amendment protects all our other constitutional rights, it opened up a whole new world to me.”

A typical day for Linda Walker today is lobbying Columbus politicians for the freedom to keep and bear arms, as our forefathers intended, she said. “I’ve spent the last dozen years in the Ohio state house lobbying for gun rights.” It is the political process that interests her the most, she continued. “I absolutely enjoy instructing, and each aspect that I’m involved with, but it’s different with legislation, there’s something about the legislation.”

As an NRA certified instructor, Walker said she has trained a couple of thousand students with a large majority of those being women. “When I teach a class, I never use the word empowered, ever.” Yet “empowered” is what women come up with, she said. “Wow! I now feel empowered that if I carry a gun, I don’t need to rely on my husband or boyfriend to be with me to take care of a situation.”

The more women to become involved, the more women listen, the more comfortable they feel, said Walker. “Here’s a woman talking about guns, or discussing the Second Amendment and protecting our Constitution, coming from a female perspective, the impression is huge.”

Raquel Okyay