Never the Norse

The masses are rootless, severed from their ancestral sources and told we are all one ~ and this from the same venom-dripping tongues that preach the values of multiculturalism. Multi, that is, unless you are of Norse descent and hold to Asatru. Of African descent? Then embrace your Orishas! Of Arabic descent? Let us make concessions for your Islam. Of Celtic descent? Let us scream racist and tear your culture from you the second you start to remember. Teutonic? How dare you bring up anything that stinks of Germanicism. This will get you blacklisted, fired, or at the least protested.

Such is the case with author Bryan Wilton, a prolific writer on the Nordic and Germanic religious traditions. Recently, at an independent bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia, it was proposed that he do a book signing. The owner shot down the idea immediately. Why? Norse mythology!? He might be a white supremacist. He was deemed a risk at roughly the same time that the African religions section was doubled, and subsequently plundered.

Mr. Wilton is hosting a book signing and discussion, however, and he has hosted many. His next event will be on August 19th at Mojo Mama’s in Independence, Missouri ~ and what an unnecessary uproar it has caused. Antifa has decided that the author is a threat to the left-wing agenda and they are protesting the event and promising trouble. They have harassed the store owner and generally made fools of themselves ~ may they push Mr. Wilton’s book sales through the proverbial roof. Just the same, Mr. Wilton, an infantry veteran who served for seven years, promises that his freedom of speech will not be inhibited, nor should it be. If you are in Independence on the nineteenth of August, stop by and show some support. If we are at the point where book signings are considered a threat, we are at a low point indeed.

That bookstore in Atlanta hit a low point when Mr. Wilton was refused. Sadly, their refusal isn’t surprising; there any non-white tradition is catered to, for such fosters the appearance of magnanimity, compassion, and progressive open-mindedness. What isn’t so apparent are dollar-store candles hastily labeled with this or that charm, priced at ten times their worth, and sold to the credulous ~ and it isn’t just candles. Snake oil for sale, marketed to the darker masses, and all under cover of enlightened acceptance. Why? Because they will buy whatever you tell them to buy. To some touting a multi-cultural horn, green is the only color that matters.

What matters to followers of Asatru is the preservation and practice of tradition without any infringement on freedom of religion. Perhaps our protesters should be reminded that we do have that freedom. What matters to any patriot is the preservation and practice of our freedom of speech. Perhaps our protesters should be reminded of that as well. Finally, what matters to those worth a damn is genuine diversity, a diversity that includes those of Norse and Teutonic descent. Embrace your Northern roots, cast your runes, and remind any nay-sayers that a rainbow is only white light, broken into lesser pieces.

Rachel Summers
Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Her novels are what some have called a journey into antinomian mysteriosophy, where socially sanctioned morality is turned on its head in order to shake out just a few drops of enlightenment.

Summers holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy but ran afoul of academia when her dissertation proposal was rejected as something that might cause a scandal or, worse yet, cause the check-signing alumni to sign fewer checks. Welcomed to stay and write if she accepted a pre-approved project, she chose to leave and vowed to cause a scandal indeed, whether with pen or sword. She is currently writing her fifth novel as well as articles for the Revolutionary Conservative and Europa Sun Magazine; thus far, the sword remains sheathed. You can buy her books at