May the Bloated Government Starve

Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

There was once a witch in the wood who snared young men with candies that made them feel real good, and they couldn’t get enough. They wanted more and more of the candy; it became their weakness and so the witch was able to lock them in cages and fatten these young men for the inevitable slaughter. This clever and hungry witch is reminiscent of our corrupt government which has offered illicit candies to countless young men, then locked them up to fatten them for a coming slaughter. The question is, whose slaughter? Further, what happens to them in their cages?

We all know that inner-city neighborhoods were deliberately flooded with drugs and the result was arrest and imprisonment for the thousands who couldn’t just say no. A lot happens in a prison; some find faith. It is estimated that one in three black prisoners converts to Islam. While they are being actively indoctrinated ~ recruited we might say ~ they are also being taught how to be better criminals; this is what prison does. In other words, our prison system is a potential terrorist breeding ground. I say potential only because, like it or not, Islam provides genuine conversion to some of these young men who need to put down the liquor and drugs. Islam helps them do this.*

It does much more to some converts. It teaches them to use religion to manipulate the government into giving them special treatment. It teaches them to hate white America. It teaches them victimhood and the need for vengeance. What happens when these prisoners are released? More crime is likely, which leads to more laws and bigger government; this we all see. What we don’t see is this: Yet another wedge is driven between the black and white communities.

Divide and Conquer works. With the masses squabbling amongst themselves, the government grows as if feeding on our hatred, animosity, and pain ~ all of which is misdirected. Whatever color we are and whatever part of town we’re from, WE HAVE THE SAME ENEMY. He is not at our side, he is above us, pulling our strings, emptying our wallets, and telling us to embrace diversity even as he stirs and prods our inherent prejudices. Wedge after wedge is driven in.

Those in cages who are fattened on a religion that encourages racism are especially susceptible to this. Are they being fattened for their own slaughter or ours? Frankly, I don’t think our government cares as long as we continue killing one another. The witch will eat her fill regardless. There is, of course, a way out of this nightmarish tale for we are not just characters but writers.

We can refuse the candies, whether we find them in tiny bags behind the corner market, in neatly labeled bottles at the (p)harmacy, or in the constant bombardment of images from the telescreens. We can choose to fatten ourselves from the fruits of our own gardens. We can write ourselves out of the cages, cut our strings, and walk off the stage.

We can let the witch starve.

* Building Radical Islam in America:  Part One. See the following:


Rachel Summers