It is Impossible to Support Open Borders as a Libertarian

You Cannot Be a Libertarian and Want and Open Border State

by I, AnCap


Sorry, left libertarians. You cannot be for supporting open borders, a welfare state, and oppose deportation on the grounds it splits up families.

> “Deportation is awful! Stop splitting up families!”

> “There should be government benefits for undocumented families.”

Pick one.

Can we cut benefits for illegal immigrants then? That would mean taxes could be lower and I wouldn’t have to work as much. Which means I can spend more time with my family.

If you’re saying there should be a social safety net for illegal immigrants, you are for taxation to provide for that safety net. Taxation which would, of course, come at the expense of the natives.

I can already hear the libertarian response to this. It goes something along the lines of, “I don’t want illegal immigrants to get government benefits! I don’t want anyone to get government benefits!” What this ignores, like many libertarian talking points, is the current reality of the system we live in. It is foolish to accept immigrants who use welfare at a vastly disproportional rate than do natives while knowing there is a welfare state for them to take advantage of. Rarely, however, does the pro-open border libertarian crowd address how they’ll eliminate this welfare state before millions of people who will abuse it pour into the United States.

Like it or not, there are benefits for them in the current state regardless of if you actually support it. If an illegal immigrant has an anchor baby here, for example, that family becomes eligible for government assistance. This also includes public schools, transportation, occupation of public roads, and so on. Supporting illegal immigration presupposes support for increased competition for scarce public goods, given the state.

Taxation, by definition, means you are working harder for less money. A man who has to pay 20% of his check (or more) will have to work 20% harder for the same amount of money. That’s 20% less time he will spend with his wife and kids, and 20% less potential energy he has to alleviate uneasiness his family feels.

The next time you see a leftist say “Stop splitting up families!” Tell them “Stop splitting up American families to pay for them, then.”

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