Imagine: 2018: Conclusion

The powers-that-wish-they-be want us to forget.  Indeed, those of European descent have been told that they have no culture. I am here to tell you that we do, and that ours is an amazing culture that has shaped the world like no other could ever dream. Embrace your roots, remember your traditions, and Awaken at long last. Awaken the wrath of the Saxon if that is what it takes – just Awaken.

Still, we’ve all heard the contentious phrase, whites have no culture. If that were true, Caucasians as a race would have nothing to lose, and nothing to fight for. The phrase, however, is not true, not by any interpretation, and hundreds if not thousands of advocates for the white race have sought to counter the assertion both in the streets and online.  However you choose to resist, resist and remember now.  Walk forward with me.

On this long march our heads are held high as we take one sure step after another, only slowing our steady pace to speak to the fool from his folly, and to take advantage of any opportunity to use our enemies’ tactics against him.  One such tactic is the power of the image over human thought processes.  Because image and language no longer hold value, save to manipulate the masses, this is where we will gather our troops. Sometimes the pen truly is mightier than the sword, and any well placed image speaks for a thousand pens. Images, you see, work an alchemy on the mind. Ideas form and ideals change. When this power to incite change is relegated to the subconscious, it does not dissipate. Rather it builds momentum, erupts bit by steady bit into the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens, one questing eye at a time. This patient power is mercifully forgotten by the string pullers who wrongly assume they are the only ones who wield it. Therein lies the breach, and the charge is prepared whilst the Imposters in the castle look the other way.

Are you looking the other way? No one will take the time to read a book when the programming on the big screen is so engaging, right? No one will ponder a haunting image or turn of phrase when they can go to a sporting event, right? No one will meditate on our ancestors’ history and culture without the state-sanctioned map provided by our decaying universities, right?

The confidence of the Imposters in the of course not answers to the above questions is so high that one can sneak past it all, right under their arrogance. Anyone can view an image here, read a classic there, both of which silently and subtly remind the reader of the grand and glorious past of his own people ~ but no one will truly pay it any attention, right? But you are reading this. You are awake now. Clearly, the Imposters are wrong. There is a crack in their foundation. With one word at a time, one image at a time, and one heartfelt ritual at a time we are making their modern world crumble.

Once more into the breach, my friends, for this world is descending into madness and something must be done to turn our course. Without pride of self, without something to fight for, we as a people are finished. I urge you then, take it back. Take back your past, for it is yours for the taking. This is our heritage, the heritage of the mighty European who has wrought more change on this fair globe than any other shade of man.  For good or ill, our past is OURS and we should never let it go.  Tend your roots.

Companion video coming soon…  Stay tuned!

Rachel Summers
Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Her novels are what some have called a journey into antinomian mysteriosophy, where socially sanctioned morality is turned on its head in order to shake out just a few drops of enlightenment.

Summers holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy but ran afoul of academia when her dissertation proposal was rejected as something that might cause a scandal or, worse yet, cause the check-signing alumni to sign fewer checks. Welcomed to stay and write if she accepted a pre-approved project, she chose to leave and vowed to cause a scandal indeed, whether with pen or sword. She is currently writing her fifth novel as well as articles for the Revolutionary Conservative and Europa Sun Magazine; thus far, the sword remains sheathed. You can buy her books at