The Imperative of Strength, Part II

This is the second part of a two-part submission by PJ Pridgen. The first part can be found here.

Humans love to think of ourselves as the protagonist in our own legends. We see “good” in every action we undertake, because the motives seem obvious and our actions, whether or not they cause harm to others, can easily be justified by long-term survival when no underlying honor has previously been established.

In reality, the average person has been so far removed from our previous evolutionary environment that their inherent potential for strength seems to have diminished to irreparable levels.  In our modern infantilized civilization, the human cattle which wander aimlessly birth to death, seeking only comfort and convenience, conflate their inability to do harm with “goodness”.

Realizing their inability to muster enough testosterone or aggression to compete, modern men attempt to take alternate approaches to social dominance hierarchies. Years of programming from media narrative encourages men to focus their efforts on appearing harmless, weak, nerdy, with a boylike wonder just begging to be dominated by empowered, matriarchal, modern females. His pathetic attempts to attract the attention of potential mates looks itself like a parasitic song and dance routine designed to evoke the pity of whatever dysgenically masculinized ‘female’ happens across his path while experiencing an irrational flush of maternal hormones.

The disease of weakness has become all but deified in our civilization, setting man on a downward spiral of self-destruction, all in the name of his “goodness,” his “peacefulness.” But I say to you, reader, if you have not climbed the ladder of strength and violence, you can not possibly know that you are in fact “good,” that you are “peaceful.” You are merely incapable of being “bad.” The impotent may wear the guise of chastity, but only the potent man can truly claim to be chaste.

How many times have we seen the morbidly obese, “come-‘n’-git-’em'”-attitude kind of patriot on television? We see them open-carrying a rifle and sporting a plate carrier so comically undersized it pushes the tolerances of Chinese manufacturing to their absolute limits, all while discrediting an entire movement single-handedly. Who is a man to limit the powers of the state when he cannot even limit the calories he shoves in his mouth, so as to not die a premature and completely avoidable death?

If one has not striven to establish and maintain discipline, if he has not set out as an individual, chasing experiences that allow him to establish and display to himself, the primordial courage and honor of which every functioning man is capable and biologically obliged, then he has no place at the table when the subject of “how do we proceed” is being discussed. No man that cannot discipline himself should be applying any amount of pressure to another man to do the same.

Our effort is one which specifically seeks to change the status quo, to take the filth which our civilization has become and reshape it into a higher world, fit to further shape a higher man. The inherent nature of this quest relies on the suggestion to all of those who do not already adorn such sentiments, that these ways are superior and in their essence, “good”.

So I ask you, reader, if you are attempting to effect cultural, political change, do your hands and feet sit firmly upon the rungs of the ladder of strength? Have you met your primordial shadow amidst the suffering which fuels growth? Do you, in all the struggles of life, take it upon yourself to maintain the universal standards of strength, be they physical, intellectual or spiritual, which must be met before one may apply pressure to others without the guilt of hypocrisy? If not, it is incumbent upon you to take the first step on that journey, NOW.

Make a plan and act immediately. Do not procrastinate. A hasty plan with violence of action almost always outperforms a thorough, albeit prolonged period of planning. Get to the gym and move the weight. Get in the ring and punch people in the head. Get to the range and put lead on target. Network. Study relentlessly. Secure your family’s longevity against crisis. Create a culture of accountability among your friends and family. Build a tribe of warriors, tested by fire in these most important of virtues: courage, discipline, and honor. Most importantly, align your words and actions. Whatever your plan of attack is, get off your ass and start it right now.

Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman – a rope over an abyss . . . Postmodern man’s choice is to stare into that abyss and in an act of bitter defiance, a sad attempt to grasp at control, plunge headfirst into the nothingness. But we who persevere, we who step ever forward, will have the privilege of tasting the fruit which these sowed seeds beget. The world we build will serve as the foundation from which man’s furthest ever reach into his own potential will extend. I hope to see you there.

Per ardua ad astra.

PJ Pridgen