For a Revolutionary Conservative

It is no secret to us now that one of the greatest, and most powerful weapons the enemies of America use is the destruction of and supposed monopoly on words and their meanings. For example, when one thinks of “freedom” he no longer thinks of the right he has to his own possessions and property but rather he has been convinced that he has a freedom to behave as he wishes with resources of others that he has no rightful claim to. Thus our very real and irrefutable “negative” rights have been traded away for the concept of “positive” rights, which indeed is the antithesis of freedom. When one thinks of love and kindness they likely no longer think of their families and their moral duty to them, but rather, the tolerance of wickedness and the normalization of harmful behavior and mental illness. Likewise, the words “revolution” or “revolutionary” have been used by the communist left so often that now whenever the words are uttered it brings images to our minds of raised fists in the air and black and red-clad youth waving around hammer and sickle flags. Revolution has long been seen as the action against the authority structure of society and therefore, conservatives and reactionaries have placed it in the category of rebellion against hierarchy itself. And, of course, this is what truly separates the right from the left… A desire for meritocratic hierarchy, law, and order on one hand, and egalitarianism and the disintegration of social norms on the other.

But what happens when the social norms switch hands and the way of revolutions past has now become the social norm which is not to be challenged? What response is warranted when the power structure does not represent a hierarchy, but rather the subversion and inversion of meritocracy itself? What response is warranted when this dysgenic system is so ingrained within society, that it has even taken over the minds of our most brilliant children like an intracranial parasite? The new establishment has dethroned our kings and attempt on a daily basis to unseat God himself so that they can continue unopposed as they turn our young men into effeminate homosexuals and whore mongers, and our daughters and wives into miserable single mothers and angry feminists driven by hatred of men. Meanwhile, our liveliest of women are delivered unto the savages as a blood sacrifice for the atonement of some made up sin of “privilege”. What response is warranted when our government not only overtaxes and overregulates, but is also the primary driving factor seeking to destroy and undermine our social fabric, culture, and families, and also uses the money it exploits from you to pay for your own replacement?

Truly any such government along with its cronies and quasi-private institutions is not fit to exist at all. The problem changes very little from administration to administration and even the successful election of good men in every elected position of power would only chip away at the tip of the iceberg. No sooner would these men be sworn in before three-quarters of them buckled under pressure and became puppets of the deep state. It has become obvious that ballots are not the solution and that it is the entire democratic system of government that is at fault and has provided the incentives for our great decline. Surely this warrants a revolutionary response. We must go farther than a counter-revolution to preserve the status quo. We must first stop the enemy from going any further and then chase them down over their own battle lines. And truly this is justified. Not only does the state tolerate offenses against all of our Gods and moral codes but compels us by force to violate them…what else is there to do? The federal government refuses to be reformed and thus must be removed. No meaningful political change can happen without an eventual price of war and bloodshed. The proper response is for the right wing to embrace a revolutionary attitude, sharpen their mind, body, and spirit in preparedness for the gravest of possibilities. God wills it!

Tony Canzoneri