Top Libertarians of 2017

1.) Hans Hermann-Hoppe


This man is the embodiment of everything leftists don’t like. That alone shoots him to the top of the list, but his work everywhere in the public eye makes him a legend. Hoppe was one of the first to spark of the social justice thought police years before anyone in the Anti-Social Justice movement ever could. A simple speech on time preference at the University of Nevada caused a Hoppe to slap down his opposition simply by not giving into their bully tactics. Hoppe said the precedence for many hundreds of bloggers and YouTubers to fight back against PC Culture, both on campus and online. In Libertarianism, Hoppe has broken new grounds with his argumentation ethics and his book, “Democracy: The God That Failed.” In 2017, Hoppe did what very few others have tried: attempted to reach across the aisle to other groups with his speech on the Alt-Right. Anyone with a shred of libertarianism in their beliefs should look to this man as perhaps one of the greatest libertarian thinkers still breathing.

Managing Editor