Top Libertarians of 2017

2.) Jeff Deist

“Blood and soil,” need I say more? The President of the Mises Institute single handedly making every leftist infiltrating the libertarian ranks rage and complain. Presiding over the LVMI alone earns him a spot on this list, but his “For a New Libertarian” speech alone takes the cake. There’s nothing that angers fake libertarians more than speaking the truth and having a plan to do advance libertarianism. By truth, I mean he actually bothered to stand up to the awkward public policy that large “L” libertarianism and its attempts to capitulate to modernity. He understands that globalism is around the corner if we don’t find ways to resist the lure of the lazy idea technology alone will defeat the state. He expresses that libertarians can’t just expect materialism to cause an anarchist paradise; we must value civil society, ancestry, and family.

Edit: an earlier verision of this article stated that Deist was the founder of the LVMI. He is the President. It has been edited for accuracy.

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