The Transformation of The U.S. into the Third World

There’s been a lot of controversy in the United States recently with regards to it’s own government shutting down for less than 48 hours, and how that situation ties in with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) kids and DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors)

U.S. President Donald Trump is negotiating and working with his administration and the democrats to try and move forward with preferred immigration policies and the building of the southern border wall. This has not been easy however since Democrat party leader and Senator for New York Chuck Schumer, continues to reject Trump’s proposals for immigration. There was a deal where Trump would get the border wall, but he would have to allow all DACA kids and DREAMers pathways to citizenship. Those who’d be receiving this citizenship would probably get a pass and not have to be of “good moral character” as described in the DREAM Act itself.

​This is completely unfair and antithetical to the reason for why people voted and supported Donald Trump in the first place. No amnesty for illegals. We want deportations, but too many cuckservatives, neocons and leftists don’t want to do what’s necessary for the United States’ survival.

​DACA and the DREAM Act are all causes for leftists and democrats to try and provide for the children of illegal immigrants without the say of the American taxpayer. The DREAM act was introduced back in August of 2001 and DACA was an illegal policy drafted and put into action during the Obama Administration. These pieces of legislation are designed to result in the displacement of the native population, the use of the country’s resources and more votes for the left, the Democrats, the communists. We all know the left favors open borders, so if they are to get things their way, they wont stop with just DACA kids and DREAMers.

They’ll put into motion laws that obligate the country’s citizens to allow illegal immigrants to essentially invade the United States, without so much as a single deportation. Turning the First World into the Third World. This is a danger for Western Civilization, Whites, and any of those who value liberty and the right to a state or community that centers around your culture. The Marxists and perhaps some unknowing leftists are pushing to create this multi-racial, mutli-cultural democratic hellscape that white people, or any of those that prefer a better system, are not allowed to leave. Let’s say we got a wall, and all the DACA’s and DREAMers got to stay, that only creates an edge for the democrats. Sure, our border will likely be enforced and we will be cutting the inflow of illegal immigration by a sizeable percentile, but that won’t stop the leftists. The leftists will have garnered an entire voting bloc, millions of people who will vote 90% leftwing. As shown in places like Missouri and Maine, they’ll simply fly in more immigrants of Third World and Muslim backgrounds.

What echoes to attention is that the left is pushing for a more aggressive immigration ever since they lobbied and got the kind of policy they wanted back in 1965. It shows that for them, it’s a step-wise progression. Switching immigration from the First World to the Third World. In the 1980’s the Reagan administration was essentially attempting to put a slow or stop on the prior 1965 Immigration Act with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, introduced in 1985, it imposed penalties and restrictions for those who would hire, employ and aid and abet illegal migrants. But this policy only made it more possible for illegal immigrants to hide their status and continue their lives undetected, and many other illegals simply applied for citizenship. Sufficed to say, not much was done to reduce those illegal numbers, it just turned out as blanket amnesty.

This puts into perspective why the democrats all voted for the recent government shutdown. The whole ordeal blew up in their faces and they are rightfully whole to blame for the country becoming stagnant on it’s immigration policy. Many of us are pessimistic for the future of our country and our values, we do not want the president to make a deal that will result in a net-negative for his supporters. We truly hope the democrats do not get their way and that we do not go the way of the dodo by allowing all the illegal immigrants and their children to stay and out populate the natives, per the Marxist game plan. We hope not to go down in history having lost everything, and gained a small victory that will likely be undermined if they take over.

Roman Garza