Contrition, Complacency, and the Right

With the political realignment and compelled polarization that has occurred through this last election to today, the influx of libertarians, former liberals, and the revived, modern conservatives have further secured the sentiment for the majority of the Right as those that just want to be left alone. We would be free of unfair and unnecessary taxation, large government bodies dictating to us like subjects, impediments to our constitutionally protected rights, terrorist invaders, and other completely banal ideas that seem only like common sense. This stance, while vapidly noble is susceptible and prone to attacks thanks to its inherent sense of complacency and nonconfrontational demeanor. We can really see this crystallize with events like Charlottesville and the media portrayal of anyone right of center.

The mainstream would have the herd believe that Charlottseville was a collaborative effort for the KKK, Nazis, and the alt-right, which they identify as everyone not on the left that is not in the two former groups, to unite under one banner for the extermination of everyone who isn’t white. Many of our own pundits would have us disavow these groups and avoid attending any similar events out of fear of garnering the same negative, fallacious spin. They do this as the footage surfaces of what really happened in Charlottesville—video proof of the First Amendment being trampled by unconstitutionally revoking a group’s right to lawfully assemble and speak; footage of how the rally participants were corralled into a corner, surrounded by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and frothing anarchists throwing urine, feces, and bricks, then forced to disperse through throngs of these terrorists while being pepper sprayed, hit with clubs, and otherwise mobbed.

Were there actual Nazis in attendance? Sure. Were there actual Klan members there? Yeah, however; further footage of some of the swastika flags marred by square folds telling of their recent purchase and unpackaging and the ethnicity of some of those in hoods seems to render some immediate incongruities. One witness claims to have seen buses line up with both BLM and Nazi members alike and let out simultaneously—apropos of paid opposition. Have we also forgotten the revelations from Project Veritas and Wikileaks concerning Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and company funding and hiring people to don Trump and Bernie attire while committing violence and acting aberrant in order to discredit both opponents and their respective movements? Beyond this, we once again cannot ignore nor allow the left to hang over our heads the fallacy that being in attendance of an event alongside these people constitutes advocacy of their cause or even necessarily the purpose of the event.

Rest assured, if we let them, the Left along with the mainstream propaganda machine will do exactly that.

”If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you’re sadly mistaken. –Steve Bannon”

Lines are being drawn whether you like it or not. The tension is only building up, and the left is only more emboldened and further financed for the long haul. How many more statues have come down or are on the chopping block since Charlottesville? How many more cops have been killed? How many more guests must be prevented from speaking at campuses or in legally permitted rallies? Still, the Right fails to learn the rudimentary lesson from the schoolyard days: if a bully demands that you give him your lunch, doing so will only result in daily exaction. Now, in the wake of Unite the Right, we must not let the unholy leftist alliance see us falter. We cannot bloody the water.

What this means is we cannot waste our breath constantly disavowing particular actions and people–only in rare circumstances to wash ourselves clean of infiltrators and shills within the ranks. Our president is proof that it isn’t effective in the first place: first Trump disavows all of the notions of hate and bigotry, then they claim he is still a bigot because he didn’t call out the specific people, so he does, and then they return and say: “well, you didn’t disavow quick enough, racist!” Secondly, this also proves that the radical, nay the majority of the left doesn’t care if we retract anything. They have already made up their minds about us. In fact, if you can’t see them running the headline: “Alt-Right Leader Admits to Nazis In Their Ranks” if you disavow Nazis, then you haven’t been paying attention. They won’t miss a beat to slander and lie about everyone outside their group.

We cannot fall into the trap of taking the left’s punches and trying to defend against them all. We must not be fear-bullied into staying home or staying silent because they might label us ironically as fascists and Nazis. We must go on the offensive. Understandably it is more difficult for our constituents on the right to attend all these rallies and marches as we all have jobs, however; if we do not get more involved, all of our traditions and history will be erased, we’ll find our schools peddling transgenderism to our kids, free speech will be banned, and our money will dry up as we allow false accusations and fallacious slander to be used against us like Stars of David banning us from free platforms and demonetizing our work. It sounds like fear-mongering, but even your own name will put you out of a job, like we saw with Robert Lee at ESPN. Truly, the dystopias of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World will be realized if we don’t act.

So, go to rallies when you can and come prepared. Bring friends and stay alert. Even the strongest of us is no match against acid being thrown in their face. Arm yourselves with cameras. Your footage will be far more effective in clearing our name than reacting directly to mainstream lies. Fight the every-day battles through your navigation of the free-market, garnering support for appropriate local officials, and even just share your stories and opinions with those around you.

Stop being afraid of backlash–the stakes are too great. Defend freedom. Defend America. Be a Revolutionary Conservative.

Arthur Jackman
is a Florida native well versed in health and fitness, social dynamics, and systems integration. He has studied business management and is planning on opening his own gym in the near future. Although he is fresh on the scene of political activism, Arthur has considered himself a conservative libertarian for his entire life. He strongly opposes feminism and leftist ideology while always remaining weary of big government. Arthur hopes to promote individual liberty, the family unit, and western culture.