Here’s Why You Keep Getting Censored on Social Media

I recommend getting headphones while reading this. There’s a video embedded in the article that you need to watch.

Tech giants have been escalating censorship. Zuckerberg has not only banned Alex Jones, but TRC’s own staff and crew. Additionally, YouTube has deleted InfoWars and demonetized our own channel. Our videos remain difficult to find, crippling our channel.

Shortly after my account was deleted, I began to research the problem. Pervasive in my mind was the question, “Who is behind this?” Indeed, why would Mark Zuckerberg or Google care about a media enterprise such as ours? What financial gain is there to be had? Upon my research, I discovered events set in motion many months ago.

Adsense demonetization was one of many canaries in the coal mine. It was a warning sign of the internet’s impending alteration. Many have speculated to the reason of this sudden escalation of censorship. Explanations range from social justice Marxism in corporate culture, an old media pitted against a new internet culture, and so on. Few I’ve encountered in my search met my criteria. I wanted names and no one was providing them.

My research lead me to an archive channel of the YouTuber “Harmful Opinions.” His channel is long gone, but a collection of his videos remain. The video I’ve attached shows how copyright troll Eric Feinberg and European Jewish Council member Moshe Kantor have influenced the decline of internet freedom.

This needs to be spread. I hypothesize the majority of censorship efforts in the past year have stemmed from these events. If we are to stop it, we need to know the responsible party’s names.

Managing Editor