Yes, Liberals. Civilians WOULD Win in a War Against the Government

I always hear from leftists, “You think you and some redneck militia are gonna fend off the US military, which has tanks, nukes, helicopters, etc?” It’s a snarky response designed to get you to concede the military is too big and bad for an armed insurrection to defeat and if the government comes to take your property, you should lie down and let them. Usually, it is deployed after a leftist unsuccessfully makes the argument that the second amendment was only meant for hunting. My answer is always the same:

Yes, I’m sure they would.

Look up how much money these fancy pieces of hardware the military has cost to run. Collectively our military costs BILLIONS of dollars to maintain. Already, the American Empire that the left seems to hate so much is spread thin across the globe, so it’s not unreasonable to assume any rebellion at home wouldn’t face the entire military, but the national guard in its local region.

That said, who is paying for these large, expensive pieces of hardware? Who will shell out billions of dollars so the government has enough fuel and ammo to ensure the military industrial complex can continue to stay fat and happy? I guarantee you, it’s not limp-wristed leftists with fine arts degrees. Most taxes are paid by upper-middle class republicans and corporations who depend upon a peaceful, healthy economy to thrive. That leads me to my next point.

An armed civil war between militia groups and the state would have an extremely dire effect on the economy. There would likely be food rationing, curfews, and many authoritarian policies like the NDAA and Patriot act that would get old real fast. Taxes from whatever sects tried to secede from the US would stop flowing in and those big fancy war machines would grind to a halt without all the money it takes to maintain them. Soldiers would begin to quit the military once the paychecks started getting smaller and smaller. Social services would begin to get cut, and pretty soon people who depended upon the government for their lifestyle would begin rioting and looting, becoming an arguably bigger pain in the neck than the separatists.

You’re also forgetting the effects of collateral damage. Whenever a drone strike is done, there are sure to be civilian casualties and unintended consequences. This grows terror cells even larger. It’s an observable phenomenon. Sure, the primary resistance you would face would be from Republicans, but who else would join the fight after the government imprisoned or killed their relatives? Imagine if the government DID try nuking or bombing a civilian center within its own country. History would not be kind to anyone who ordered such an act.

Besides, there would be state and local governments that would refuse to support a gun ban. Several governors, mayors and state legislators are second amendment enthusiasts and may find themselves more on the side of separatist movements than the Feds if a gun ban was attempted. Who knows what kind of assistance they might bring to the table should a civil war break out.

The argument that somehow the US government could win in a war against the population if a rebellion broke out is completely ridiculous. Our military is already engaged in a dozen conflicts around the world with no end in site. The idea that it could sustain and crush one that happened in its own country is ludicrous. Bottom line, the American people have a fierce streak of independence, a booming economy, family loyalty, and love of liberty and property. The US government has many large, expensive pieces of hardware and an army full of countrymen who love America and would be reluctant at best to attack civilians of their own country.

Managing Editor