Liberalism: The Death of Fun

The most monumental mistake the Left made, especially in the last few years, was pick a fight with fun. If doing so is not proof of their lunacy then nothing is. Perhaps their agenda and fun cannot coexist. Communism is never fun unless you’re a sadist elite carrying out the hard takeover and cleansing of opposition or starving your people out as you dine on gourmet delicacies. Third-wave feminism pushing “fat acceptance,” denouncing masculinity as toxic, and introducing terms like: “mansplaining” and “manspreading” only serves to induce nausea in those that aren’t brain-damaged and give rise to a hideous demographic of people that nobody has fun around or with. Literally everything the left touches at this point is made uglier, costlier, punishes free thought, castrates individuality, and consequently suffocates joy.

A great example of this diametric Midas touch is: the free market and the Left’s opposition to it. In the free market of ideas only deficient designs need to be artificially reinforced, and there is a word for forcing people’s hands and minds, it’s called: coercion—the opposite of freedom. If ObamaCare and socialized health care were valuable and worked well, it wouldn’t require forcing people to buy into it with threat of penalty. If being obese was attractive and healthy, we wouldn’t have a natural aversion towards it that you have to lecture us about. This should be self-explanatory, and these ideas aren’t new. We have seen phenomena like socialism and obesity play out before, and they don’t end well. We didn’t decide this on a whim. We observed the facts through experimentation.

It would also be one thing if leftists kept their misguided ideas to themselves or even if they held them for appropriate venues, but they are breaking this code of conduct as well. Rational people will have the debate with you, they won’t hate you for being senseless, and they are likely to feel empathetic and even sympathetic towards you, because most of us were foolish and uneducated at one point as well…we just don’t want the left’s idiocy permeating everything we take part in inescapably. So, when the NFL players inject politics into sports, Hollywood actors harangue their audiences, and the former host of The Man Show cries on his late night comedy show for instance, we’re going to leave. Why? The endless indoctrination is now spoiling our leisure; it’s curdling our fun, and that’s a horrible miscalculation if you plan to sway a group to your side—they may as well attack our children…oh wait, they’re doing that as well.

That’s right. Not even our children can be normal and engage in fun anymore. Instead, we must assail them early on with an increasing number of vaccinations, behavioral meds, male shaming, and early sexualization, also known as pedophilia. To quell the debate about the efficacy of vaccines right away, please keep in-mind that the same people who want to force vaccinations on us and our kids want to force you to purchase health insurance at gun-point, are behind contradictory legislation like the recent California HIV debacle, and celebrate bringing in countless immigrants without so much as a health screening. They are the same people who revile normal childhood boisterousness and sedate it with legal speed, push transgenderism on seven year olds, and have drag queens host story time for their impressionable, undeveloped minds, but claim Dr. Seuss is now racist. These groups peddle sickness and mental illness masquerading as tolerance and inclusiveness; they solicit the end of joy.

The most poignant and disastrous example of the Left’s fun-sucking still remains, however; and it would be wrong not to mention it. This is, of course, the attack on the comic book character, Pepe the Frog. When your side is so desperate, so McCarthyite, that you start slandering comic book characters and their fans as white supremacists, you’ve lost. After cartoons, it’s just a hop, skip, and a near face-plant into your van before milk and weather is racist. See, the Left owned the old media, and they’re able to whitewash most of the new media platforms, but their paltry ideas just cannot compete with fun. So, when they attacked the innocent frog, the Left brought the wrath of the internet itself down on their heads. They revealed a massive chink in their armor and gave birth to meme warfare–a cogent, highly communicable antidote for the liberal cuckoldry on the web. Starved of fun, a new wave of Conservatism was thusly born, and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

The good news is: now that the Left has shot itself in the foot again, it is all the easier for us to shove them aside.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

The viewership for the NFL continues to plummet, the Emmy’s and other Hollywood circle-jerk ceremonies hit all-time lows, parents are waking up to the liberal brainwashing cult their children are being forced into, Harvey Weinstein and other scumbags are being cannibalized, and overall balance is being restored. Sunlight truly is the best remedy, and as more people expose themselves as communists, Hollywood prostitutes, racial demagogues, and oppression Olympians, we can judge them fairly and without reservation. We can finally turn off Netflix and cable, leave the box office, play with our kids more, go hunting, celebrate our second amendment, and have no misgivings about what we have Left behind. We can continue to enjoy the one thing that makes freedom so savory: fun.

Arthur Jackman
is a Florida native well versed in health and fitness, social dynamics, and systems integration. He has studied business management and is planning on opening his own gym in the near future. Although he is fresh on the scene of political activism, Arthur has considered himself a conservative libertarian for his entire life. He strongly opposes feminism and leftist ideology while always remaining weary of big government. Arthur hopes to promote individual liberty, the family unit, and western culture.