Shattering the Narrative: The Charlottesville Timeline

The Mainstream Media has perpetuated an entirely false narrative regarding the events of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Not only have they distorted the events that *did* occur, they have also criminalized everyone involved on the right wing by manufacturing information and fabricating events that did *not* occur. This is the factually reinforced timeline of what occurred regarding the preceding events, climactic point, and subsequent events of the Unite the Right rally.

After the “Unite the Right” free speech rally(a rally organized by activist Jason Kessler), obtained a permit, the City Manager Maurice Jones unlawfully revoked the permit, stating that the event was advocating white supremacy. Setting aside the fact that the demand for a permit to assemble in a public place is unconstitutional under the first amendment which guarantees the ability for the American Citizenry to speak, assemble and protest, this permit was unreasonably revoked, and the city demanded that the protest be moved to an alternative location, namely McIntire park. Wes Bellamy, the vice mayor of Charlottesville, also spoke out against the event, attributing it to white supremacists and the most radical of right wingers. It has been confirmed that Bellamy is associated with the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, thus indicating an inherent bias. If this was not sufficient, however, a permit was granted to Antifa and BLM to protest the event within the surrounding area.

The ACLU then proceeded to successfully sue the city of Charlottesville for violating the first amendment, and U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad ordered an injunction of the prohibition on the permit. This victory proved to be quite transient. Airbnb, a company that allows customers to create reservations to stay in designated locations, canceled all reservations in the Charlottesville area. In addition to this, Expedia, a company permitting reservations for flights and hotels, also canceled its flight to Charlottesville, inconveniencing many who anticipated attending the event. Uber also refused to accommodate many customers. 


At approximately 9:30 Friday night, hundreds of right wingers of all factions marched in solidarity on Charlottesville bearing lit torches. Upon entering into the park, Black Lives Matter and Antifa were already present and prepared to protest in the vicinity, and this foreboded what was to come the next day. Law enforcement ordered all of the torches to be put out, and physical confrontation between Conservatives and Antifa ensued. Law enforcement then proceeded to declare the event over and ordered all participants to evacuate the area.

Upon arriving at the park Saturday morning around 9 o’ clock., opposition could already be seen gathering around the vicinity of the area, as law enforcement directed conservative attendees into a small area that had deliberately been blocked off. Personnel from the National Guard could be seen on rooftops in the vicinity of the park. Right wingers formed a “shield wall” to protect their own and prevent any protesters from infiltrating the designated area.

At 11:06 A.M. a state of emergency was declared, and at 11:36 A.M. law enforcement unethically declared the event an “unlawful assembly”, and forced Conservatives out of the park- and directly into the violent hordes of Antifa and Protesters. The ACLU confirmed that law enforcement, who arrived in riot gear, were given a stand down order, and they deliberately forced Conservatives into a physical confrontation with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other leftist agitators. Tear gas was released and absolute chaos ensued.











An Alt-Knight who attended the rally for security purposes, Christopher Ritchie, offers his testimony of the event:

My brothers and I attended the rally to provide security for one of our own, Augustus Invictus, who was scheduled to speak at the rally. When we arrived at Lee Park about 9 A.M. where the event was to be held, everything was peaceful on both sides. A few counter protester were seen but appeared to be in a peaceful manner. About 10 A.M. the barricaded area we were provided for the rally was full. Shortly thereafter, the streets were filled with hostile members of BLM and Antifa, and things began to get heated. I don’t agree with the views of all attendants, as others don’t-but I do firmly believe in the first amendment for all people. It wasn’t created to just protect speech that we all agree with, but to protect the speech of every American- Even those who seem unpopular and distasteful. Hostile protesters armed with pepper spray, rocks, bricks, bats, aerosol cans as flame throwers, and metal pipes. Antifa began to throw rocks and bottles of urine at people, and we took to the streets to assist people into the rally and put a line between them and the hostile protesters as the police refused to do so. People were being pepper sprayed and assaulted as they tried to enter the park. About 10:30 the police removed themselves from the area, the situation became heated and violence ensued as a result. At around 11 riot police made a statement that it was an unlawful assembly and forced people to leave the park or face arrest. They left us one exit to leave by, through a path of hostile protesters, without providing us with any protection as we left. We took a defensive stance to help people get out safely, and hopefully, without harm. Unfortunately, people were still harmed. Several were beaten, pepper sprayed,  violently assaulted, and sent to the hospital. It was clear that the police were not going to respect their oath to defend or protect citizens who had every right to be there, even though a federal judge ordered the city to allow us to have the rally after the mayor tried to revoke the permit that was applied for months before. We attempted to go to another park to continue the rally but were told that we’d be arrested if we did. So we had to work our way to our cars under hostile conditions, and there were Antifa and BLM members everywhere. We were restrained as we tried to leave town without further incident. The Mayor, City Council, Local and state police did absolutely nothing to make the hostiles leave, or to provide safe passage to anyone who just wanted to peacefully leave the park and go to their cars. On that day, there was a blatant violation of our civil and constitutional rights. The police and state troopers in riot gear forced us to leave, and in doing so, defied a federal judge’s order to allow us to be there. They did nothing to disperse those that were attacking us. We were terrorized and followed by the hostiles the entire time we were trying to get to our cars. What happened that day was a disgrace to this country and our forefathers who wrote our constitution.”

Ritchie was also physically assaulted by Antifa and wounded as a result.















In addition to this incident, another unnamed individual was also viciously assaulted by Antifa, to the point that he had three bones broken in his face after being beaten with bricks.















Baked Alaska, a prominent right wing activist, was assaulted with an unknown substance, possibly acid, and has been hospitalized with probable permanent eye damage as a result.

One other incident that occurred involved a vehicle driving through a crowd of Antifa and BLM, and one fatality resulted from the incident. Irrespective of the atrocious nature of this event, the mainstream media has absolutely refused to acknowledge that leftist agitators were assaulting vehicles with baseball bats. This, combined with the fact that the vehicle actually collided with another vehicle, would evidently demonstrate a state of panic.









Upon dispersing, conservative groups encountered BLM and Antifa in the parking lot with their vehicles- and police, having blocked the area off, again subjected right wingers to leftist agitators, who were surrounding their vehicles.

Law enforcement wrongfully detained and arrested several individuals including Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo. The following day Jason Kessler attempted to hold a press conference, only to be chased out by a mob of leftists and assaulted. Leftists then proceeded to call for a literal Communist revolution.

Since the event, numerous riots have erupted across the country: in Seattle, Tampa, Greenville, Atlanta, and Richmond.

The Confederate monument in Tampa has been desecrated with spray paint reading “F*ck Fascists”.

So, what does this timeline of events indicate to us? It demonstrates that the very institution established within the Constitution to protect our civil liberties and natural rights, the federal government, is the very instrument of its current destruction. It indicates that leftist domestic terrorism and violence is excused when they are performed under the guise of tolerance and diversity. It indicates that even defending one’s heritage against those who would actively seek to destroy it causes them to be slandered as a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi.

The problem isn’t that the left is allegedly fighting for social justice- it’s that they demonstrate the most vehement intolerance under the very facade of acceptance. It isn’t that they endeavor to preserve African American heritage and history, but that they seek to destroy that which commemorates European history.

If we are to restore our Republic to the splendor that it possessed at its creation by the hands of our forefathers, we must respond against this absolutely abominable blasphemy towards the Constitution, and the siege of our civil rights and liberties. We are witnessing the very essence of totalitarianism and Communism begin to infest our Republic, through the very institutions that were originally ordained to protect it: through politicians, state and federal government, law enforcement and the military. This gross violation of our Constitutional rights and civil liberties must be responded to now, before this totalitarianism infects, thoroughly corrupts, and destroys, our nation. We must begin now: through protests, building organizations and communities, becoming involved within our political realm here in the United States, and standing up in opposition to these forces that work so vehemently against us. Charlottesville was just the first demonstration of a violation of our rights. Today, they come for Robert E. Lee. Tomorrow, they come for George Washington. Today, they come for you and I. Tomorrow, they come for our children. Rise up, brothers and sisters, and defend your country, your nation, your people, your history and your heritage, before all is lost.


Avialae Horton