Odin v. Christ for the Salvation of Europe, Part II

The mythic archetype associated with a nation can make or break its destiny.

By the 8th century the Europeans were effectively converted to Christianity, but old habits die hard…and so for 1000 years or so Europeans and their descendants embraced the social structures and beliefs of their pre-Christian ancestors. Even in the new world, Thomas Jefferson wrote “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law,” in reference to English Common Law. In truth, Common Law dates back to the concept of “Thew” among the Anglo-Saxon tribes of England while they were still pagans. Basically, the law was the custom. Problems and situations were handled based on how they had been handled in the past. Today we call that precedent. In the court system attorneys and judges look back at how similar court cases were decided to figure out how they should be decided today. In the very unlikely case that there’s an issue that dates back to before America was founded, attorneys can actually cite English common law as precedent for American law. And so even the law in America, the cultural and societal progeny of Europe, it was Europe’s pre-Christian legal custom on which our entire system of courts is based.

Nonetheless, every year, every century, the people of Europe stepped farther and farther away from the customs of their ancestors and closer and closer to the ideals of this foreign religion that venerated poverty and victim-hood rather than strength and victory. And if you take exception with my characterization of Christianity, I suggest you look at your Bible again. It is clear the position Yeshua takes on these issues. Probably worst of all, the people of Northern Europe and their descendants adopted the idea that everyone was the same and equally undeserving in the eyes of this new, foreign monotheistic God. They adopted the idea that they should love thy neighbor…but they expanded the idea of “thy neighbor” to include every one of Earth.

Europeans started looking back on their glorious history as conquerors and feeling that they were no better than the primitive, backwards peoples they had conquered. Guilt grew in the bosom of Europe, because after all “who are we to conquer others…everyone is equally despicable and sinful in the eyes of God.” Europeans and their descendants began to believe their political/philosophic advancement (ie. freedom of speech, freedom of press, capitalism, and the modern liberal democratic western states), intellectual advancements (ie. ending slavery) and industrial/scientific advancements (ie. industrial revolution and computers and the modern information age) weren’t their own, but belonged to all the people of Earth, thanks to the trite adage, “Love they neighbor as thyself.”

I’m not suggesting Europeans should have kept these advancements away from the rest of the world, just that they should have never given title to these advancements to all of humanity when the credit for them rest clearly and absolutely with the diminishing culture of ancient, pre-christian Europe. If they had kept the title and reminded the world out of which culture these wonderful advancements had grown, it would be damned near impossible to attack European societies, and their social progeny in the US, Canada and Australia, as racist “white” institutions that oppressed the world. It was the collective guilt inserted into Europe’s heart that kept her from responding and defending herself, and that is the only reason these ridiculous attacks gained any traction.

Perhaps more destructive than that manufactured guilt was the tendency of the European people, sensing that this new religion wasn’t really theirs, to turn their back on the church and religion in general. Even the people who still attend church often do so more as a social gathering than as a genuine worship. With no spiritual roots and no reason to find pride in who they are, Europeans don’t have anything to defend. They have no reason to resist the migration of millions of people from a different culture into Europe. After all, more people means more workers and a better economy….and “we are all equally sinful in the eyes of God” and “none of us are any better than others, nor is any society or culture any better than any other,” and “we should love thy neighbor as thyself…and certainly that includes our neighboring continents!!!”

What they are finding out is that the people migrating from the Middle East have a native religion. They have a culture they take pride in. They aren’t coming to join the rotting shells that were once the great empires of the Earth. They are coming to conquer them! The Middle Easterners no longer fear the mighty Germanic warrior that once made the whole world tremble in fear…

Now these focused migrants, empowered by their God and a society they take pride in, are intent on taking Europe for themselves, something no one in the history of the world has ever done successfully.

It won’t be Yeshua that saves Europe, if she is saved.

It won’t be Yahweh, and it certainly won’t be the Europeans in their current state.

If Europe is to be saved, there is only one way to do it. That is to awaken that mighty Germanic warrior who has slept for so long…

Raise Odin and Thor and Tyr and Frey from their slumber…

Remind the Europeans who they are, and that they ARE great…

Help Europeans remember WHY they are great… Reconnect Europeans to their roots, give them pride in themselves and their history…

And bring mighty Mjolnir down on the head of that sadistic jotun, Allah.

If Europe is to be saved, it will require the savage, war-loving heart of ancient Europa to rise again and bring the full power of Asgard to bear against the invaders. And if that happens, the invaders have not the chance of a snowball in Muspel!

Awaken, Vikings! Awaken Teutons! Awaken Celts, Gauls, Franks, and Spartans! Find your descendants, your people, your land. We need you. We need your warriors’ souls to merge with ours. We need your swords, your strength, your spirit. Awaken, warriors of old. Awaken your pale cousins from Siberia to Iberia. Awaken and taste blood once more. It is time.

— Rachel Summers, The Forgetting (coming Fall Equinox, 2017)

Everte Farnell