Odin v. Christ for the Salvation of Europe, Part I

The mythic archetype associated with a nation can make or break its destiny.

There was a time, not so long ago, when Northern Europeans – otherwise known as the Germanic tribes or nations – defeated and conquered every other group of people they encountered.

These Germanic tribes included the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans, the Vikings, the Nordic people, the Franks, Goths, Visigoths, Suebians, and many others.

What follows are a few examples of their conquests and victories, not in any specific order:

  • The Germanic tribes effectively stopped Attila the Hun, who had run roughshod over much of the Roman Empire’s territory. After Attila’s death, his successors weren’t able to hold the land of Northern Europe he was able to conquer.
  • Hermann of the Cherusci defeated three legions of Roman soldiers. He was made the war king of a coalition of Germanic tribes to repel the Romans. According to the ancient Roman historian, Tacitus, he was “unquestionably the liberator of Germany” (Germaniae, translated to Germany, was what the Romans called the region. The nation-state “Germany” didn’t exist for almost 2000 years after Hermann’s death)
  • While the Roman Empire was effective in bringing many of the Germanic tribes to heel, eventually a Frankish King, Charlemagne, was made Holy Roman Emperor. He was a Germanic king who politically conquered Rome.
  • Later, after the conversion to Christianity, the people of Europe effectively stopped the Ottoman Empire from encroaching into European lands.
  • We all have been reminded, ad nauseam, that Europeans conquered the Indigenous tribes of North America and made manifest destiny a reality.

While this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list it demonstrates my point. Namely that the Germanic and Celtic people of Northern Europe conquered the other cultures they encountered. In fact, as a cultural group, they have never lost in their several thousand year history. And yet now they seem to be laying down and allowing the migration of Middle Easterners to take over the European continent.

Why? What possible reason would a people just allow others to come in from outside of their country and rape their women, kill their people, pillage their social programs, and destroy their property?

Why would people behave in such a suicidal way? I think the answer is, 1500 years of Christian belief. I understand your knee-jerk reaction may be to dismiss my assertion, but stay with me for a moment and we’ll think this through.

First Christianity isn’t native to Europe. It was certainly adopted wholeheartedly, but it is a foreign religion. That means, by extension, all of the truly sacred places mentioned in Old and New Testaments are on another continent.

I understand that the Europeans deemed some places sacred, like the Healing Shrine in Lourdes, France. But there will never be a place that Jesus or his disciples visited in Europe. The simple fact is, Europe adopted this foreign religion and – by extension – admitted that another peoples were more enlightened, intelligent, spiritually attuned, and more deserving of respect than their ancestors. These “other” people were great people who found the truth, and Europeans were lucky to be given a chance to learn that truth.

The primary reason the European people converted was because their kings converted. The kings converted – and betrayed their people – for the most despicable of reasons…to gain power. The divine right of kings was a purely Christian invention. Prior to Christianity, Kings had to be descended from the Gods, but there was no inherent right to rule. Quite the contrary, it wasn’t unusual at all for the kingship to go to the king’s brother if he died before his children had proven their wisdom and worth. A group of wise people, called a Witan in Old English, made the decision as to who of the eligible family members would get the crown. It just made sense that the crown generally went to the king’s brother rather than to a young son. Most of the time the king’s brother would have been more “worthy,” meaning he had more experience and could presumably make better decisions on behalf of the tribe.

After the conversion to Christianity, the crown passed from father to son, without regard to who was the best choice. Whether young son, stupid son, arrogant son, irresponsible son…it didn’t matter because the church said God had declared a line of succession. The kingship was no longer about who served the people best, but who had a right to the crown. In other words, the kingship was about who the people would serve! That was good for greedy and self-serving kings because it ensured their children and grandchildren would stay in power. However, it sucked for the people! And so the kings took on this foreign religion for love of power. And the future people of Europe suffered for it.

Not only did they suffer poor rulers, they suffered because they lost their old Gods and their ancestors. It took a while for this rot to fully manifest, but it was implanted during the conversion.

Everte Farnell