The Reactionary Spectrum: Passion and Politics

Like all Instinctive Passions, patriotism drives men to temporary efforts rather than sustained endeavors.—Alexis De Tocqueville

Throughout the course of the last few months, particularly during the recent election cycle, we have seen an enormous expansion of alleged “Reactionaries” on the right of the political spectrum. Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, and hard times create strong men. This incessant cycle has been consistent throughout human history, and this ambiguous, volatile nature of man is the only consistent factor in all of behavioral observations. However, we have seen what was previously unprecedented behavior, particularly regarding the opposition that has been presented towards Trump’s election. The sheer violence, physical intimidation, and blatant domestic terrorism demonstrated by those on the left, the alleged black bloc anarchists, has been the primary motivation for reactionaries on the right. Most recently, several instances of reactionary politics within the Right have been demonstrated through the introduction of new laws that appear quite drastic. Three of the most prominent of these will now be discussed.

In Tennessee, a bill has been introduced by two republicans, which would offer protection to drivers who incidentally run over protesters that are obstructing roads and highways. The bill offered by a pair of Republicans would apply only to instances in which drivers are “exercising due care” when they strike someone “participating in a protest or demonstration” that is “blocking traffic in a public right-of-way.” A second clause in the half-page bill clarifies, “A person shall not be immune from civil liability if the actions leading to the injury were willful or wanton.” (

The law is referred to as a “Common Sense legislation”, another title which demonstrates it to be a direct response to the obnoxious violence that has occurred over a period of intense protesting and rioting within the last several months. To quote the text once more: Tennessee state Sen. Bill Ketron said in his statement “citizens have the right to protest” but that “protesters have no right to be in the middle of the road or our highways for their own safety and the safety of the traveling public.”

It is not the ability to protest that is being opposed, but an opposition to this obnoxious form of vehement, futile aggression.

A similar law is likewise being considered in North Dakota, this one being primarily inspired by the relentless protests regarding the Standing Rock Oil Pipeline. Rep. Keith Kempenich, who introduced the bill, noted: “It [The DAPL protest] turned from a protest to basically terrorism on the roadways, and the bill got introduced for people to be able to drive down the roads without fear of running into somebody and having to be liable for them…” (

Elsewhere, a bill in Mississippi has been introduced to manifest a suggestion to add execution by firing squads, electrocution, and gas chambers, to the available potential methods of execution in the event that a court blocks the utilization of a lethal injection. “House Bill 638 is a response to lawsuits filed by “liberal, left-wing radicals,” said House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson, a Republican.” (

The bill is a direct, reflexive response to the redundant accusations of Nazism towards any and all who disagree with liberal ideology—whether they be Conservatives, moderate rightists, libertarians, or classical liberals.

All of the above examples of reactionary politics aim to emphasize the absurdity of these accusations of totalitarianism and Nazism, by demonstrating what examples of legitimate far-right policies might look like. Radical, reactionary Conservatism is fueled by the blatant acts of domestic terrorism and obnoxiousness by the left. As Tocqueville said, this form of patriotic resurgence may not be a permanently sustained endeavor, but it will continue as long as the left, being the stimulus, continues its tirade against free speech and our democratic processes.

The Reactionary Right is the Left’s Frankenstein monster. Each act of pretentious rebellion sends another electrifying jolt of inspiration throughout the various anatomical parts that the Right consists of. The Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, Anti-Establishment Conservatism, Libertarianism, and other branches of political thought, unite according to a generalized opposition to these acts of violence ironically demonstrated by the same political groups who so contemptibly parade about in facades of tolerance and diversity. What must be emphasized is not necessarily these acts of reactionary politics, but what has caused them to become prominent within the political realm in the first place: The sniveling liberal, Frankenstein scientist who so ironically sews together the various sects of Reactionism with every act of pretentious violence, entitlement, physical assault and intimidation, oblivious to the monster that he has indeed created and preserved under the guise of Tolerance and Diversity.


Avialae Sidney Horton