Minted Monopoly Money

Dealer, Please Give Me Another

The modern banking process manufactures currency out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented… If you want to be slaves of the bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the banks create currency.

                                                                       Lord Josiah Stemp, Former Director of the Bank of England (1937)

Everything seems to be about money these days. And what exactly is money? Since 1913, it has become a largely intangible or even abstract idea. In large part, it doesn’t even exist. Nonetheless, what it means to the banks and the government is power ~ and they get it by inventing it from thin air. No actual wealth need be involved. Their guarantee in its value is you ~ your sweat, blood, tears, and years. Your life; that’s what it means to you. You work day after day after day to get those dollars but it will likely never be enough. The banks and the government get it by typing in a few extra numbers on a screen. It doesn’t necessarily have to be printed on paper anymore. What a wonder ~ the emperor’s new clothes do exist!

None of this is taught in schools, but let’s say you decide go to school anyway. You’re going to need money, so you get a quick and easy student loan. Very well, buttons are pushed and numbers on one screen are simply transferred to another screen. If there’s any of those magic numbers left after tuition, they hand you a piece of paper that you put in your bank and voila! more numbers on yet another screen. Maybe you get cash, but probably not. No matter, it’s worthless just the same, until they want their “money” back. And then? Those numbers that cost them absolutely nothing will cost you thirty years. Work, work, work, and you might make a dent. Oh, and they’ll want back four or five times what you actually borrowed. It means nothing to them, everything to you.

For the feds, it’s just an electronic transfer of fiat funds forcibly taken from the tax payer to begin with; the portion of the alleged money that actually exists, that is. For you, it’s a lower standard of living, going without, time forever lost. Congratulations, you have earned a degree and an indentured servitude! Of course, no one knows that when they sign the cursed papers. No college freshman thinks he won’t get a good job and pay off those loans with ease as soon as he has that coveted degree. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for most of us. By the time the wayward graduate figures that out, the shackles are on. Those momentary numbers on a glowing screen will cost you everything. I can’t help but feel like the American Dream is dead and I tripped over the corpse during my graduation.

A large portion of our lives, debt or no debt, is dedicated to that intangible thing we call money. It’s fiat currency. It doesn’t exist, yet you can’t live without it! Try it. Go off the grid, install a few solar panels on a house you built, grow your own food. You might get away with it, or you might go to jail on a domestic terrorism charge. No bombs need be involved, just a barrel for catching rain water will suffice. In other words, you are a servant to the state; we all are. Should you refuse that servitude, you are an extremist and you will be treated accordingly. We are teetering on the brink of totalitarianism and more promises by more government will push us over the edge. But their social programs sound so noble! Whine, whine, whine the swine who argue that if a politician wants to structure the government so that it gives back, why shouldn’t we let him?

Because the government has nothing to give. NOTHING.

Nothing, that is, without taxing you, me, and everyone else into a newly defined poverty ~ let’s call it a classless society; that sounds nice. And so, in time, we will all become equals; all except those with the power to transfer numbers and commas from one screen to another, those with the power to hire guns after they’ve taken ours away, those we think we’ve elected as well as the handful of banking cartels who staged the election. The rest of us, the 99.9%, well, we’ve been given the gift of equality. Isn’t it wonderful! An idealists’ dream come true, we are, thanks to one magnanimous government program after another, all equals on the bottom rung. The middle, by this time, is empty and the flower of socialism has bloomed into tyranny. Such are the seeds we are planting.

Do we sit back while the idealists among us continue digging their garden? Go on, let’s watch them dig deep enough to bury the bloated corpse that is the American dream. It died when Woodrow Wilson was in office and I’m not sure we can bring it back.

The solution? Dream another dream, but I suppose that’s easier said than done in a society that puts a price on everything and recognizes the true worth of absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, we have become perpetual consumers who blame the corporations for our woes because the media tells us to even as we scream more, more, more. We should be screaming no, no, no, even if it starts as a whisper. Stop buying the latest gadgets. Stop getting loans for grossly overpriced cars and oversized houses. Stop buying clothes because of the name on the god damn label.

Even if you manage to avoid blatant consumerism, the banks win whether you succeed or not. That’s our real problem, and I don’t mean the suit who cashes your checks. I mean the puppeteer who owns not just the corner branch but the whole damn tree. It is they who killed the American Dream with their debt-based economy, income tax, and interest on top of interest on top of interest.

It was Jekyll Island, 1913, but nobody knew for decades what we’d gotten into and sadly most people still don’t get it. Even if they do, they’re comfortable enough and don’t want to risk the status quo. It’s too easy to look the other way and too damn dangerous to directly challenge the system ~ or such is the confidence of the powers that be.  Their confidence is so high, in fact, that one may be able to sneak in underneath, unnoticed, and bring it all down.


Rachel Summers